At First Southern we are a people who are on life's journey together.

God has called us out as a people who are to faithfully follow him. We are committed to him and to one another. As a matter of fact, we see life on earth as a journey on the way to eternity with our Creator. So this earthly life is vital and important, of course, but it is not the end. Because this is true, we journey through life together with an eye to the future.                        

Come join us!

Next Step

Christian faith is marked by a distinct way of believing and living. Learn what it means to take the next step in your faith journey.

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Preparing for This Sunday

We are in a series entitled Building God's People which will take us on a journey with Nehemiah. This week we will consider how the people in Jerusalem went public with their commitment to God.

Read Nehemiah 10 to get ready.

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