At KingdomKids, we are wild about kids—and so is Jesus (Matt 19:14)!  We believe that parents are the primary faith-trainers for their children and so we partner with the parents in multiple ways to help you be able to walk through the milestones of your child’s life including preparing you and your child for the opportunity that they would believe and confess a faith in Jesus Christ.  Everything we do is aimed at teaching kids about what the Bible says about Jesus while equipping the parents to lead in the home.  We believe that this will happen best when...

  • Parents are growing in their love for Jesus and in their knowledge of the gospel
  • The church is committed to equipping parents to be the primary disciplers of their children
  • Teaching methods are effective and age appropriate
  • Teaching material is focused on teaching the whole storyline of the bible and is Christ-centered. 



Sunday mornings, the children have the opportunity to be trained in the very same material the students and adults are learning but at an age appropriate level.  The reason we have chosen to teach The Gospel Project throughout our whole church is because we want to facilitate the opportunity for our families to be able to naturally have faith talks in their cars, home, and every part of their lives.  One way The Gospel Project is helping us to accomplish this as we move forward as a church is with the introduction of a new curriculum cycle in the Fall (2015) that is going to align all teaching for all ages and walk through the whole Bible over the next 3 years. We believe that this new curriculum is going to strengthen our ability to minister to families of all types.


We believe that it is important for our children (ages 5 to 4th grade) and their families to have the opportunity to worship and be trained in the Bible through the main service together.  For those with infants and toddlers (0-4 years old), we have age specific programs to teach them the basics of the Gospel and prepare them to join you in the main worship service when they come of age. 

Serving in KingdomKids

We are always looking for members who have a passion for discipling children and coaching their parents. There are many levels of service and opportunities for involvement in the KingdomKids.  If you are interested, please contact Becky Watters about the next steps (a background check and an interview) needed to begin serving