At First Southern, we are about equipping our parents with multiple opportunities and ways to share and pour the gospel into their children and students.  We believe that the Bible is clear that parents are the primary disciplers of their children (Deuteronomy 6, Psalm 78, Ephesians 6) and we want to partner with our parents to strengthen their ability to speak the gospel throughout the milestones of their life. 

We think that there are some important moments in life when it is good for the church and each family to pause and celebrate together. We call these milestones and at First Southern we have identified six that we focus upon. At each of these junctures, we mark it by spending some time equipping parents in what to expect and how to disciple their children through this phase of life. They include...

Child Dedication. An opportunity for parents, family, and friends to vow to raise their child in the truth of the Gospel and the church to affirm its commitment to support the parents and co-instruct the child in the gospel.

Faith Commitment. Preparing parents for the moment their child believes and confesses they are saved and have begin their walk in Christ.

Preparing for Adolescence. An acknowledgment of the many changes of adolescence and teaching parents how to maintain a heart connection and spiritual influence in these turbulent times. 

Rite of Passage. Throughout history many different cultures have recognized a rite of passage, a coming of age, and we believe helping your son and daughter understand who they are as a man and woman in Christ is imperative to them having a solid adult Christian walk.

Commitment to Purity. An opportunity for parents to champion their student's redeemed identity in Christ and to teach them the value of remaining pure vessels for Christ through a commitment to abstinence until marriage. 

High School Graduation. This is a time of excitement and sadness as a student begins the final push toward adulthood. We want to aid both the student and the parents as they prepare for life after high school. For some students this will mean college and the need to be equipped to face worldviews which are antithetical to Christianity; for other graduates it will mean preparing to enter the workforce full-time perhaps. Either way, it means significant change for the student and the parents alike.