Leadership Approach

We would want you to know that we are committed to what we call shared leadership. What this means is that the ministry leaders labor together to serve this church family and to advance this church in accomplishing its mission. We are convinced that as a congregation sees its leaders sharing responsibility and authority, then each member will feel the same responsibility to serve this church family and the community well in the name of Christ.


Aaron serves as our Worship and Discipleship Pastor. He is responsible for overseeing our worship, small group ministry, and leading through administration. 


Marsha is our Preschool Director [Kids of the Kingdom] where we serve some 145 children during the week. 


First Southern is blessed by having three men who officially serve the body as deacons. They include Bill Spriggs, Curt Collier, and Will Ouyang. These men meet the biblical qualifications laid out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and display the heart of a servant (Acts 6). These servants are available to help the body as needed.