We are glad to have you visiting with us at First Southern. 

We know that it is rarely easy to step into a new place with great ease and comfort, but it is our hope that you will instantly feel at home in this place. We talk often about our redeemed identity and part of that identity is that we are "family". When you start moving toward greater involvement at First Southern, it is our desire that it will feel like you are at home with family. Sort of like going to Grandma's house--you never want to have to leave. So, come and linger with our family.

As you do, we hope that the mile markers below will give you a pathway to greater involvement and connectivity--more importantly, a pathway to a transformed life. These will be a way for you to determine the next step, if you will, in getting connected to your new church family.

Mile Marker 1 ::: worship gatherings

Worship is primary for us. Gathering as a church family on a weekly basis for this purpose is a must. It is a must for our souls. It is a must for transformation. It is a must as we seek to be obedient to the command to gather regularly and most importantly, God loves for his children to worship him. So start here and experience the power and presence of the one true and living God. 

Mile Marker 2 ::: LIFE GROUPS

Small groups at First Southern are for the purpose of studying the bible, praying together, and building friendships. Join us on Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30am.

mile marker 3 ::: exploring membership

We would encourage you to participate in an exploring membership class where you will learn about what it means to have a redeemed identity, as well, you will learn about our beliefs and our vision. These classes are normally offered once per quarter. 

mile marker 4 ::: serving

It is imperative that you serve Christ. It is that simple. If you are a child of God, saved by his grace, then your response is one of worship and service. Let us help you find a place that matches your passions, giftedness, and abilities. We believe that God uses service as a means of glorifying himself and as a way to transform you. Be encouraged to contact one of the ministry leaders about serving. 

Mile Marker 5 ::: giving

We have listed this as mile marker 5 based on our experience with newcomers. Most of the time, people will not choose to invest in a place or a people until they know much about them. That is fine, but know that if you are a Christian, God does expect you to give and give generously--not only with your checkbook but with your time, talents, compassion, and so forth. Giving is a matter of stewardship and a matter of the heart. So we invite you to give of yourself and your resources as you partner with First Southern to take the gospel to our neighbors and to the nations.