our tradition informs our future

First Southern began more than 60 years ago now. From what a rich heritage we are able to draw upon as we envision the future. Many people have sacrificed deeply to ensure that this church will shine as a light in this community and in the larger Southern Indiana area. We stand today grateful for that sacrifice. 

Our tradition includes a high commitment to the bible as the inerrant Word of God. We are a people who seek to communicate the truth of the bible in a manner that will connect with those who have yet to hear the name of Jesus Christ, as well, to those who are steeped in knowledge of it. 

Our tradition includes a passion for God-glorifying worship. We have always been a people who desired to express our love for our Savior, King Jesus, through corporate and private worship. Worship is the most instinctive thing we can do in response to God's amazing grace. Collectively, we have been celebrating this saving grace as we have regularly gathered together . We are indeed a worshipping people.  

Our tradition includes a focus on gospel living. We are a people who seek to live out the good news that Jesus loves us and redeems us. We live everyday in the reality that we are a new creation and have a greater purpose of bringing glory to God in every thought, action, and decision. 

Our tradition includes a passion for deep fellowship. We are a people who have always sought to love one another well. We think that means being engaged in one another's lives and so we prioritize that in our personal schedules. 


our core values drive us

We are truly thankful for these enduring traditions of  being a Word-centered, worshipful, gospel oriented, and relational people at First Southern. These traditions are driving our future as we continually remind ourselves of the following core values we hold:

Christ-centered, expositional preaching.

Gospel-focused worship.

Multi-generational discipleship.

Missional living.

Shared leadership.